Assembly demonstration of CD/SS-IT 11l EX

Presentation and assembly of Tiger-Vac's interceptor unit CD/SS-IT 114L EX. This legally certified, high-pressure explosion proof vacuum cleaner system meets NFPA standards. For Wet typedust recovery, it recovers and neutralizes conductive dusts into a liquid immersion bath. Its coalescing filter element is contained in a see-through Lexan housing, to facilitate maintenance and operation.  

The Bad Beast: Aluminum Dust Recovery (Demo)

Tiger-Vac International recently released its latest video demonstration, featuring the upcoming SS-IT 85L used to recover aluminum dust. 

Aluminum dust, like most metal dust, represent a a very serious risk to the workplace when comes time to recover it. A legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof vacuum cleaner, along with static dissipative and conductive tools and accessories are required. SS-IT 85L inerts the aluminum dust ny immersion into a liquid (in this case mineral oil), effectively reducing the risk for a spark that could cause an explosion.

This demo, along with other video demonstration, is available on Tiger-Vac International's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TigerVacInc

Housekeeping and recovery of Combustible/Conductive Dusts: A Big Step in the Right Direction

Until today the certification of Hazloc Portable Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Collectors as per the Ex OSHA/NRTL system, the IECEx Scheme and the European ATEX system covers only the possibility to use the equipment in hazardous locations/areas in presence of combustible/conductive dusts, but does not cover the possibility to use the equipment to recover these dusts.

Today we are proud to inform you that all Tiger-Vac EX certified vacuum cleaners have an additional certification: the inner parts of the Portable Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Collectors are certified ATEX Category 1 for providing a very high protection level allowing the safe recovery of combustible/conductive dusts.

Incidents were reported regarding, for example, ATEX Zone 22 “Vacuums”, not approved by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction, catching on fire and jeopardizing the health and safety of workers when this unsafe equipment is used for recovering combustible/conductive dusts in the work place.

At Tiger-Vac we feel that Safety Has No Compromise!

New for Division 2: TV-2000EX Series

TV-2000-EX- CFB -HEPA web ykJ

Special of the month:

Discounted for a limited time

7,899.00$   6,999.50$

New for Division 2

Single or three-phase

Div. 2, Class II, Groups F & G 

HEPA filter, manometer and complete static dissipative tool kit included


  • Static dissipative and conductive (EPL Dc/Category 3 Zone 22)
  • Designed to be attached to process machines and for general cleanup
  • Continuous duty 3-phase motor. Single phase version available upon request
  • For dry recovery only
  • Stainless steel body and powder coated cabinet
  • Vertical mounting for areas with space constraints.  Unit has a small environmental footprint

Click here for more information on this model.

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner System for Class II Division 2

cwr-10ex-4w webFinally, a static dissipative and conductive cleanroom vacuum cleaner!

Tiger-Vac's ESD safe CWR-10EX (4W) series is suitable for general, dry clean-up in controlled environments and cleanrooms rated Class II Division 2 (Zone 22 [dust]). Any static produced while vacuuming is quickly and effectively discharged to ground.

CWR-10EX (4W) is equipped with 4 filters: true dual ULPA Filters (U15) are located downstream of the motor while 2 HEPA filters (H14) are included within the powerhead, making it eligible for IP6X. This model is EMI/RFI Shielded and will not disrupt computers and sensitive electronic equipment.  The recovery tank is stainless steel and autoclavable.

CWR-10EX (4W) can be equipped with a middle-ring with activated carbon for neutralization of toxic/noxious fumes and vapours.

For more information and to discover our complete line of vacuum cleaners and portable dust collectors for cleanroom and controlled environements, please visit http://www.tiger-vac.com/product-line/cleanroom-and-pharmaceutical/cleanroom.html

Liquidation Sale on now!

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Liquidation Sale

Tiger-Vac International is currently selling different industrial vacuum cleaners at liquidation prices! This is a unique chance to acquire an industrial, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for a fraction of the market price.

All the models currently on sale are:

  • Brand new: these models are brand-new and have never been used to recover dust or debris;
  • In perfect working condition: all units are thoroughly checked by our staff to ensure optimal working conditions;
  • Offered at liquidation price: prices are sometimes lower than cost!
  • Still current: some of the models featured in this sale are still being offered by the manufacturer.

For more information on these industrial vacuum cleaner offered at liquidation prices, please visit the Liquidation sale page at http://www.tiger-vac.com/liquidation-sale.html

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