Automotive repair, Body Shop and Aerospace – Aluminum Dust Extraction and Vacuum Sanding Kits Systems

Point of generation dust control for the recovery of aluminum, magnesium, and other commercial alloys

Tiger-Vac’s Dust Extraction/Vacuum Sanding Kit Systems are ideal for the Automotive and Aerospace industries. We are pleased to present to you the following 2 new product lines:

  • « Wet Mix » immersion bath separators for dust recovery
  • Dust Recovery Systems into an Static Dissipative Collection Bag

These new systems bare the following certifications: 

1. Class I & II - Division 1 – Groups D, E, F & G (EPL Db IIIC)

  • CSA Logo Certified 
  • ATEX/IECEx Certified

Class II - Division 2 – Groups F & G (EPL Dc IIIB)

  • CSA LogoCertified
  • ATEX/IECEx Certified

3. CSA – ETL – CCC Certified for ordinary areas/locations product standard 

These 3rd party certified Vacuum Assisted Dust Extractors/Sanding Kits are static dissipative and conductive and are available with the following characteristics:

  1. Explosion Proof / Dust Ignition Proof – Nationally and Internationally Certified by CSA, NRTL, ATEX Cat. 2 & 3, IECEx EPL Db & Dc
  2. Electrically or pneumatically (air) operated
  3. Portable and equipped with single or dual static dissipative suction hose connector
  4. Power trigger activation on/off for vacuum assist shrouded tools
  5. We carry a large inventory of shrouded sanders, grinder, dustless drill kits with a suction port for maximum dust recovery (view dustless hand tools & accessories)

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    "Wet Mix" Extraction Immersion Separator

    For the safe recovery of Aluminum, Magnesium and all commercial alloys dusts
    Equipment providing a minimum ingress of protection of IP 6X and classified for dust group IIIC

    Our most
    sanding kits:

    EXP1-IT (85L) EX (CFE) SK HEPA
    Electrically Operated
    Can be used with Mineral Oil or any other neutralizing liquid
    C-10EX (IT-85L) CFE SK HEPA
    Electrically Operated
    Can be used with Mineral Oil or any other neutralizing liquid
    SS-IT (85L) EX (CFE) SK HEPA
    Pneumatically (Air) Operated
    Can be used with Mineral Oil or any other neutralizing liquid

    Dust Ignition Protected Dust Extractors/Vacuum Sanding Kit Systems - For use in CSA/NRTL Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G and providing a protection level of IECEx EPL Dc IIIC

    Our most
    sanding kits:

    ATEX-12 (2+2W) SK HEPA
    Pneumatically (Air) Operated
    C-10EX (2+2W) SK HEPA
    Electrically Operated
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    Our equipment are legally certified by independant testing laboratories:


    Motor options




    Required male plug


    Vacuum Pressure

    Motor A (2)

    115 V, 50/60Hz


    21 A

    30A **

    220 CFM

    110" H2O

    Motor B (2)

    115 V, 50/60Hz


    17 A

    20A **

    200 CFM

    90" H2O

    Motor I (2)

    115 V, 50/60Hz


    13.5 A

    15A *

    190 CFM

    80" H2O

    Motor J (2)

    115 V, 50/60Hz


    14 A

    20A **

    188 CFM

    84" H2O

    Motor F (2)

    230 V, 50Hz


    10 A


    200 CFM

    83" H2O

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