Portable immersion separator wet mix systems : Recovery and neutralization, at point of generation, of combustible metal dusts: aluminum, magnesium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium and other commercial alloys.

Explosion Proof/Dust Ignition proof Liquid Immersion Bath - Low/High Pressure Systems. Meets NFPA 484 standard and also complies with NFPA requirements for the recovery of combustible metal dusts used in 3D printers.

Tiger-Vac's immersions separators exceed all recommended parameters for wet mix dust extraction systems. Download the pocket size leaflet on Explosive Metal Dust Recovery solutions (PDF)

Extraction arms
Fumes and Vapors
A complimentary utility tool

Model SS-IT (85L) EX (CFE) HEPA  


Our equipment are legally certified by independant testing laboratories:

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