Recovery & Disposal

A well designed product considers all the aspects of the domain where it is supposed to excel. A Tiger-Vac vacuum cleaner doesn't only help you recover waste material, dusts and liquids: it also features different ways to dispose of, manipulate, neutralize or recuperate the material you've recovered.



Dry only vacuum cleaners

Tiger-Vac's dry only vacuum cleaners have been designed to recover dusts, powders, chips, shavings, etc. If liquids need to be recovered while using a dry only unit or if more than one combustible or flammable dusts will be recovered, we recommend the use of one of our immersion separators or interceptor tanks.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Our wet and dry vacuum cleaners allow the operator to recover both liquids and powders with the same unit.

However, Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are not designed to recover mud (mixture of liquid and soil). Mud would obstruct filters and damage motor causing the loss of the vacuum cleaner.

Material with specific recovery requirements

airplane_VacuumSome materials, like fuel, oil, solvents, metallic combustible or flammable dusts, have specific recovery requirements to ensure safety and to protect the environment from pollution. Click here to read more details.




Disposal of recovered material.

Detachable Tank

detachable-tankMany of our vacuum cleaners come equipped with a detachable tank for the easy disposal of recovered materials. Our detachable tanks range in size from 20 to 160 liters (5.28 gal to 42.25 gal) and are available in stainless steel or powder coated, with or without wheels for maneuverability.




Tilting Cart

Tilt-CartMany of our vacuum cleaners are equipped with a tilting cart for easy maneuverability and for quick disposal of recovered materials. A lever located on the the cart allows the recovery drum to be tilted backwards without having to remove the powerhead. Tilting carts are available in stainless steel or powder coated.



Hydraulic Cart (HY-C)

EXP1-25-ac-HYCEXP1-25-ac-HYC_lowThe Hydraulic cart (HY-C) allows for the unit to be lifted 92 cm (36") above ground so that contents can be emptied into a recovery container for disposal. The upper tray of the cart allow sufficient room for the power unit and another drum, such as a recovery unit, an interceptor or a tool bin.

Hydraulic carts are available with heavy-duty powder coat finish or stainless steel.


Interceptor Tank

Interceptor tanks can be used when you have a dry only vacuum cleaner and you wish to recover liquids. They can also be used as an auxiliary tank for large amounts of recovered material.

Drain Valve

drain_valveMany wet/dry systems are equipped with a drain valve for easy emptying of recovered liquids. The drain valve is equipped with a manifold to prevent accidental opening of the valve.




Paper Filter Bags

paper_bagPaper filter bags are available on many of our vacuum cleaner systems for the safe and easy disposal of recovered materials. The operator need never come in contact with the materials being recovered. Paper filter bags come in a variety of materials and sizes, with or without sealing capabilities.




Poly liners

polylinerPoly liners are available on many of our vacuum cleaner systems for the safe and easy disposal of recovered materials. The operator need never come in contact with the materials being recovered. Poly liners are available in either conductive or standard versions.






Neutralization of recovered material

Immersion separators (neutralization)

Tiger-Vac offers a wide variety of Immersion Separators which will neutralize and render inert combustible or flammable dusts in a liquid bath (water, oil, de-foaming liquid, etc). We also offer models for the adsorption of toxic/nuisance fumes and vapors.

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