Recommended Type H, Class H vacuum cleaners for the recovery of dry and wet/saturated asbestos


Tiger-Vac's industrial HEPA vacuums cleaners are designed for the remediation of asbestos, silica, lead and mold. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with true HEPA Filters and are Aerosol Leak Tested before leaving our facilities. Tiger-Vac certifies the filter used in this vacuum cleaner has been individually tested by the manufacturer and is rated H14 or U15 as per EN 1822 by MPPS method. Tiger-Vac also certifies that this vacuum cleaner has been individually tested for absolute filtration. Testing was performed using the recommendations, standards and methods contained in IEST-RP-CC001.3 section 9. The challenge aerosol used was PAO (polyalphaolefin) – Emery 3004

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H WARNING: This appliance contains dust hazardous to health. Emptying and maintenance operations, including removal of the dust collection means must only be carried out by authorized personnel wearing suitable personal protection. Do not operate without the full filtration system fitted. H


If a Leak Test is not performed each time a vacuum cleaner is assembled with a HEPA (H14) or ULPA (U15) Filter it is a Presumption of conformity. In not performing the Leak Test each time, and just afixing the H Sticker to the unit, the manufacturer cannot guaranty that a leak will not occur and endanger the health and safety of the end user.


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